Project "Futur3" aims

  1. increase knowledge about the educational and career paths and future skills needs of 3rd sector employees who supervise volunteers.
  2. help 3rd sector organizations prepare for these skills needs. Aims will be reached by conducting benchmarking process and developing peer learning model.

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Work Plan

  1. Benchmarking process for future skills needs and education-work correspondence
  2. Peer learning model for volunteering professionals

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Workshop “Future Scenario”

During our 1st transnational meeting all participants were invited to participate in the “Scenario workshop”. The main propose was to generate discussion about “what their ideal work in the third sector would be like in 2025 under 4 scenarios”.

  • 1st scenario: Techno Scenario (most volunteering takes place on line);
  • 2nd scenario: Growing inequality Scenario (the third sector will need to provide more services than before to prevent marginalization);
  • 3rd scenario: Loose networks scenario (people join on a shorter and looser basis, traditional forms of association are transformed);
  • 4th scenario: Status quo scenario (work in the sector remains the same as it is now). Each group was responsible for one of the scenarios, share and identify the different skills needed in each one.

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