Work Plan

Work Plan Aims  Task
Benchmarking process for future skills needs and education-work correspondence  Producing an intellectual output that increases knowledge and awareness about the educational and career paths and future skills needs of European third-sector professionals working with volunteers
Engaging in a dialogue with stakeholders about future skills needs in the third sector
Publishing the results on line in a downloadable format

- Preliminary analysis of situation in each country (before project launch);
- 1st Webinar with third-sector organizations, futures researchers and other stakeholders on the future of work and the third sector;
- Research - desk research;
- Electronic survey (40 questionnaires per country) with 3rd sector staff in;
- 2nd webinar with stakeholders: presenting preliminary results and collecting feedback for finalization.

 Peer learning model for volunteering professionals - Developing training materials, to help volunteer managers and other professionals to identify skills gaps and needs, identify future needs and ways to address them, methods to encourage collaboration and joint capacity-building. 
Testing  in partner countries with volunteer managers or coordinators
- Engaging with stakeholders about future skills needs, skills gaps and how to overcome them
- Planning concept and tool collaboratively;
- Recruitment and initiation: Each partner finds participants and trains the group to use the concept and tools;
- Peer learning groups: groups meet in each country 4 times for ca. 2 hours/time;
- Webinar for participants to share experiences;
- Finalization and translation of tools into partners’ languages.