“The N.G.O. CO.P.E. is devoted to the international voluntary service and development cooperation. It was founded in 1983 and it is a non-profit-making association and it was officially recognized by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as International Cooperation Actor in 1987. The NGO COPE manage developing cooperation projects on Education, Health and Agriculture. It has international voluntaries operating in the following courtiers: Tanzania, Guinea Bissau, Madagascar, Peru. The NGO COPE is thirty years experienced in managing international and multilateral projects on behalf of European Union, Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and other Local Authorities. The most important aim of the Association is the cooperation with developing countries, to be achieved through the promotion of PRA (Participatory Rural Approach) and PTD (Participatory Technology Development), which involves active participation of the community members, both women and men. The logic is based on the common and voluntary decisions on agricultural goals, practices and technologies development, long sustainability of interventions. Accordingly to PRA, the COPE aims at creating local Community Based-Organization to carry out peer-to-peer problem analysis and strategy development, education, awareness rising activities.”

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