Kerigma – Innovation and Social Development is an association for local development from Barcelos, in the North of Portugal, is mission is to promote integrated development of individuals, organizations and community, creating innovative products and services that contribute to active citizenship, solidarity and social cohesion. Guided by values as innovation, empowerment / capacity (people and organizations) and social responsibility and excellence, our work has been focused in education and training, equal opportunities, entrepreneurship and promoting organizational initiative. We contribute to the development of institutional policy of Learning, with the strategic objectives: to promote an integrated platform for articulation of education and training initiatives; to promote strategies for lifelong learning's assertion quality and diversity of pathways; to implement the process of Recognition, Validation and Certification of Competences; to qualify staff working on education and training, namely social workers, teachers and other educators; to qualify organizations, through the promotion of quality and innovation in the curriculum, the methodologies, teaching resources and supply planning processes; planning, organization and execution of projects and educational mobility, particularly in Europe. 

Kerigma has over a decade of experience in dealing with social workers, educators, parents and families with about 72,000 hr training developed in terms of initial and further training, along with various audiences, as well as interventions in areas such as consulting and technical assistance projects for training, certification and professional studies, needs assessment and training evaluation.
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