ASPECT - Management and Intercultural Relations is a private education and research organization situated in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The ASPECT-MIR portfolio comprises consulting, training, courses, seminars and meetings, specific project management and research in the field of Entrepreneurship, Human Resources Development, Corporate Strategy, Sustainable Tourism Development and Intercultural Relations. It provides integrated consulting services regarding professional education and training, national subsidy schemes and EU subsidized programmes.

ASPECT-MIR services primarily SMEs and assists them on organizational and operational projects by monitoring (project management) the resources and financial means to implement them.

We develop training concept and materials, in help of managers and other professionals to identify skills gaps and needs, identify future needs and ways to address them, methods to encourage collaboration and joint capacity-building.

Our main purpose is to foster and strengthen the link between education and business, encourage entrepreneurship and boost intercultural competence.

We focus on supporting adults for flexible and individual education and take measures to prevent them from giving up their studies.