3rd partner meeting: Catania, Italy 09-10 November 2016

 3rd Meeting – Catania - Italy

 09th November to November 2016

 CO.P.E. – Cooperazione Paesi Emergenti

Our third meeting in Catania- Italy, held in November 09 and 10, 2016, was mainly about the Implementation of the Peer Learning Model in Volunteering Sector (based on the design thinking concept) the definition of the process and future strategies. In this meeting we had guest of the local researcher in the third sector Prof. Augusto Gammuzza from the University of Catania to speak about From Developing Countries Volunteering to European Job Market” and Iolanda Genovese from a local Association in Syracuse - Accoglierete Onlus to speak about “training and volunteering management in unaccompanied minors “emergency”







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