The Future Skills for the Third Sector Project (FUTUR3) is a two year ERASMUS+ project that involves 10 partners from different countries (Finland, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Turkey, Portugal and UK). The objective of the FUTUR3 project is to help third- sector employers, employees and educational organizations that train professionals in the field to identify future skills needs and to prepare them. Here the third sector refers to civil society organizations like associations, NGOs, trusts or foundations that are non profit.

This project focuses on organizations with volunteering activities, and the main target group is professionals working with volunteers: volunteer managers, coordinators… 

As result we expect collected and publish information (downloadable report) about employment and work-education correspondence in 10 countries, incorporating discussions with third sector and futures specialists in order to gain insight about current situation and future needs of the sector and a peer learning model tested locally by e.g. volunteer managers. Including activities that prepare third sector employees to identify skills gaps and make joint plans for professional development that meets in the future.